Trophy Husband

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The male counterpart of trophy wife
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Whether he's riffing on marriage, being broke or the glamorous life of a trophy husband, Josh Alton is bound to make you laugh when he headlines a night of comedy at the Chicago Improv of Schaumburg.
Luxury holidays, designer clothing, diamonds, a trophy husband - nothing would be out of my reach and life would be good.
Celebrating their first anniversary, Oscar winner George said human rights lawyer Amal is the "smart one", and jokes he is the "trophy husband".
Celebrating their first anniversary, Oscar winner George said British human rights lawyer Amal is the "smart one", and jokes that he is the "trophy husband".
Sam said: "Not only did I win a beauty pageant that day but I bagged a trophy husband too."
When Drew Barrymore stands under a chuppah, or Anne Hathaway accompanies her fiance to Yom Kippur services, or the husbands of Queen Natalie and her lady-in-waiting Rachel Weisz (and believe me, the thoughts I have about Daniel "James Bond" Craig as the ultimate trophy husband could fill a doctoral dissertation) slip on a yarmulke or wrap themselves in a tallis, they're doing so because it's normal, and the mainstream nature of the ritual is the key to its desirability.
2 SMOKIN' HOT This elegant gift is a debonair choice for the hottest men on your list, from trophy husband to Great-Grandpa.
But when you hear of this sort of decision, you do wonder whether you shouldn't be still advising girls that the best thing they can do is pick a trophy husband in the job market, enjoy some years of being a well-kept wife, playing with the babies (while being able to afford a nanny so as not to get too bogged down in the nappies) and then bear a heart-break in order to live luxuriously outside the cut and thrust of the work place, for ever more.
She married my full blooded Irish Grandfather in 1906 as a trophy husband, and as a result stoically, lived through the poverty, and living hell of Irish family alcoholism.
``I'm basically just the trophy husband who stands in the room looking decorative, '' he jokes.
It never peers too deeply into the psyche of the beleaguered Undine Barnes Calles (Charlayne Woodard), a newly minted member of New York's haute black bourgeoisie who is forced off Fifth Avenue and back onto the mean streets she left behind when her trophy husband takes off with all her money.
She also won a trophy husband in the form of judge Bruce Forsyth and does lots of charity work.