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1. A bicyclic hydrocarbon, the fundamental structure of tropine, atropine, and other physiologically active substances.
2. In plural form, a class of alkaloids containing the tropane (1) structure.
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Datura contains tropane alkaloids such as hyoscine, hyoscyamine and atropine.
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For measuring dopamine synthesis, the most commonly used tracer is [sup.18]F-DOPA, whereas for dopamine transport, several radiolabeled tropane analogs have been developed.
In addition to contaminants derived from human activities, it is known that honey may become contaminated with natural toxins like alkaloids from various plant species, which is of concern particularly when children consume it; thus, QuEChERS was recently applied to determine both pyrrolizidine and tropane alkaloids in honey [48].
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Such seeds contain lysergic acid amide, also known as ergine or LSA, as well as tropane alkaloids with an anticholinergic effect.
3-Oxo-substituted tropane esters: Detection and mass
KEGG enrichment analysis also revealed that several pathways were specifically affected at the later stage of infection; theseincluded secondarymetabolicpathways suchas"tropane, piperidineandpyridinealkaloidbiosynthesis,""steroidbiosynthesis," "ABC transporters," "biotin metabolism," "sphingolipid metabolism," "glycosaminoglycan metabolism," "folate biosynthesis," "alpha-linolenic acid metabolism," "regulation of autophagy," "ubiquinone and other terpenoid-quinone biosyntheses," and some "amino acid metabolism" pathways.
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