Trojan Man

The mascot for Trojan brand condoms
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While Trojan has successfully run late-night humorous TV and radio spots featuring its Trojan Man, the newest ads will take a more laid-back, health-focused approach.
The current launch is being heavily promoted with a multimedia campaign featuring the Trojan Man character, local market events, Internet advertising and educational information.
To support the introduction of Trojan Magnum XL Extra Large condoms, the supplier is conducting a major marketing and multimedia campaign that includes advertising featuring its Trojan Man character as well as local events, including the distribution of free samples.
In addition, Carter has broken new ground in advertising in the past year with its Trojan Man campaign, the first ads on a major television network for condoms.
The Trojan Man campaign, which had earlier been broadcast on radio stations and cable television, debuted over four years ago.
We've expanded our Trojan Man radio advertising campaign to television," remarks Kline.
While the Trojan Man messages are lighthearted, they convey a vital message, according to Kline.
Although lighthearted, the Trojan Man ads convey a vital message, according to Carter vice president of marketing Richard Kline.
For the first time we are using the Trojan Man character in a TV campaign," Kline notes.