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There is a hotlink to the Trojan UV Max website from the NSF listing.
Trojan UVSwift(TM), Trojan's municipal drinking water disinfection systems, has been designed specifically for the North American market in anticipation of new regulations in many jurisdictions that will require municipalities to implement a multi-barrier disinfection treatment strategy.
I am excited by the opportunities Trojan has to offer," said Mr.
We have worked with Trojan Technologies for many years and I am excited about this opportunity," said Rich Combs, founder and owner of Pureflow.
Trojan is known as the world leader in UV disinfection technology and has demonstrated its abilities through performance testing.
Trojan programs such as TROJ_MTX, TROJ_NAVIDAD, and TROJ_HYBRIS can spread, not only by infecting or sending infected files, but by infecting the system itself.
A Trojan horse is used to enter a victim's computer undetected, granting the attacker unrestricted access to the data stored on that computer.
Conversely, Calyptix Security's customers were protected well before the first variant of the Trojan was discovered without any need for signature updates.
An infected machine is unable to update its antivirus program, as the Trojan overwrites the host file that Microsoft(TM) Windows(TM) uses to manually override DNS names.
Trojan has joined Moll Industries as Vice President of Finance, playing a chief role in recent growth at the company since his start in November of 2004.
The end-user is social engineered into downloading the Trojan, which connects back to Internet Relay Chat (IRC), enabling the creator to control the Trojan remotely.
the leading provider of Advanced Threat Protection solutions, today confirmed a new type of network attack, a third-generation Trojan horse that is infecting networks across the globe.