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A paraphilia in which a man’s sexuoerotism hinges on watching his partner or wife having sex with another man
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8) At least one of Faulkner's possible sources for Buddy's word specifies that Spintrius should specialize in troilism and arcana.
Switch on any night, and you'll see them eagerly describing every kind of deviancy, from streaking and S&M to bestiality and transvestitism, not forgetting adultery, polygamy, troilism, extra-marital sex and even (very occasionally) intra-marital sex.
What one might call the cosy or acceptable face of troilism, the menage a trois, does not figure in these fictions, perhaps because domestication involves a de-eroticization and a stabilizing of dynamic desires whose very force is in their disruptive potential.
These various strands are frequently interwoven in Banville's many glimpses, glancing hints, and full scenes of troilism.
17) The arrangement forms a variation on the more frequent Banville troilism, in offering two males and one female in lieu of the usual two women-one man set-up.
Eva Legova tells me that according to the Geneva Convention on Troilism it's usual for the two women to toss for who does what before the proceedings start.
AI ASKED my friends Troilism and Cressida for their views on your problem.