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A paraphilia in which a man’s sexuoerotism hinges on watching his partner or wife having sex with another man
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q 'morenesse and lassnesse of numbir' PROMISETH Shakespeare, Henry IV Part I, V-4 REVENTURE Web2 OVEREAGER Web2 MERESTEAD OED INESSENCE OED STATELETS OED statelet EUGENESIS OED TREACTISE OED HERDESSES OED herdess There are some common words in these two squares: RAITCHEVI Trichoniscus raitchevi -inversella, ITISa ANORHEPES Lepidostoma anorhepes beddeci, ITISa IODOAMINO * TROILISTS troilist, see OED troilism CHALCOTIC Stedman chalcosis HEMIOBOLE hemiobole, under OED hemi- EPISTOMAL epistom(e) OED, or Web2 VENTILATE OED; or VENTILATE OED ventilate (Latin precursor) ISOSCELES OED RECAPTORS OED recaptor EPITARSAL Stedman ([dagger]) CIGARETTE OED ATACAMITE OED PARAMETER OED TREMELINE Pulliam ([paragraph]) OSTITISES OED ostitis RATTENERS rattener, under OED ratten SLEERESSE OED, Buffy of old
A THE Welsh Princess asked her friends Troilism and Cressida for their views.
8) At least one of Faulkner's possible sources for Buddy's word specifies that Spintrius should specialize in troilism and arcana.
Switch on any night, and you'll see them eagerly describing every kind of deviancy, from streaking and S&M to bestiality and transvestitism, not forgetting adultery, polygamy, troilism, extra-marital sex and even (very occasionally) intra-marital sex.
I've heard of troilism, but trolleyism is a new one on me).