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(1) 3H Tritium nucleus, a radionuclide consisting of 1 proton and 2 neutrons; it is a weak beta-emitter with a physical T1/2 of 12.26 years
(2) A family of proprietary nonionic, surface-active agents
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Besides descending chromatic motion and tritones, Eros's appearances almost always recall a characteristic phrase, containing a major/minor-third motive and occasionally an augmented triad.
Seres mitologicos, como tritones y nereidas, caracterizados por su condicion hibrida, al constituir una mezcla entre un ser humano y un animal, se combinan con el caso prodigioso del Pece Nicolao, cuya leyenda, aludida tambien por Cervantes en la segunda parte de El Quijote, toma Torquemada de Mexia.
In the second, the two pentatonic scales are a second apart, and the resulting dyad is a tritone apart.
Right hand melodic riffs using flatted 3rds and 5ths are developed alongside left-hand harmonic patterns, beginning with open fifths in whole notes and progressing to boogie-woogie, walking bass, tritones and more progressive voicings.
The second stanza is introduced by a faster tempo and staccato eighth-note octaves in the bass and sustained tritones in the treble that reflect the poet's hesitation and bashfulness at being so near the Saints and her hope that they will pronounce her name.
Tritones can be used without abandoning tonal harmony, disrupting tonality rather than destroying it.
Esos que han vivido del cuento democratico, de explotar para su provecho la mitologia de centauros o tritones de la honorabilidad politica, cometieron el domingo 17 de marzo los fraudes, las trampas y los robos electorales mas cinicos de la historia mexicana.
Lombardo's setting, according to Carapezza, sets out a repertory of 'word-painting' images which are taken up to varying degrees by the other composers: running quavers to illustrate 'le risa' (laughter), note here for 'cieco' (blind), a slower pace and tritones for 'piangendo' (weeping), and so on.
The violin's version of the main theme of the slow movement of K380, with its tritones and chromatic appoggiaturas, has a most eerie effect.
AT three points, the left hand plays three soft tritones, very low on the keyboard, resembling low bells.
It also sounds heavily dissonant due to tone clusters and many tritones.
Incrementally, pastoral quietude is shattered by eruptive tritones.