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Containing atoms of tritium (hydrogen-3) in the molecule.
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Since tritium exists naturally as "tritiated water", we ingest tritium that exists in the air around us in gaseous form as water vapor or tritium in liquid form (tritiated water) that is included in tap water.
The cesium diffusivity decreased by an order of magnitude higher than the decrease observed for tritiated water (HTO).
Because it is so difficult to remove tritium, most nuclear plants release tritiated water into the environment.
Disintegrations per minute were converted to fig of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine using a fully digested sample of a known amount of tritiated chitin.
The tritiated water space technique (TOH) for determining body composition has been successfully applied in ruminants (Viljoen, Coetzee, & Meissner, 1988, Benjamin, Koenig, & Becker, 1993).
After culturing, splenocytes were pulsed with 0.5 [micro]Ci tritiated thymidine ([sup.3]H-TdR) per well (Amersham, Life Science, London, UK) and 8 h later radioactivity incorporated into the DNA was measured using a scintillation counter (Beckman LS 6500, USA).
Brown, "Comparison of MTT colorimetric assay and tritiated thymidine uptake for lymphocyte proliferation assays using chicken splenocytes," Avian Diseases, vol.
The release type of H-3 has been identified into tritiated solid waste, tritiated first-class liquid waste, tritiated second-class liquid waste, and tritiated gaseous waste.
For example, different types of water filters will each only capture certain compounds and none of them will remove substances such as tritiated water, a radioactive form of water in which the oxygen atom is replaced with tritium.
The rate of tritiated water released during the conversion of the substrate to estrone is quantified by liquid scintillation that is corresponding to the magnitude of enzyme activity.