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Hydrocarbons or their derivatives formed by the condensation of six isoprene units (equivalent to three terpene units) and containing, therefore, 30 carbon atoms; for example, squalene, certain steroids, cardiac glycosides.
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veratrifolia roots was investigated and six oleanane-type ([beta]-amyrin, [beta]-amyrin acetate, [beta]-amyrinone, germanicol, germanicol acetate, germanicone), seven ursane-type ([alpha]-amyrin, [alpha]-amyrin acetate, [alpha]-amyrinone, [PHI] - taraxasterol, [PHI] - taraxasterol acetate, tarax-asterol, taraxasterol acetate), three lupane-type (lupeol, lupeol acetate, lupenone), one fernane-type (Fern-7-en-3-one) triterpenes along with one sterol ([beta]-sitosterol) were determined (Table 1).
The chemical study of the Senna cana and Senna pendula ethanol extracts revealed the presence of anthraquinones, flavonoids, tannins, triterpenes, and xanthones, while hexane extracts presented positive results for anthraquinones and triterpenes.
For this reason, it is possible that the peak is triterpene. According to [27], triterpene present in A.
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Three esterified tetracyclic triterpenes of compound 2 were recently reported from the dichloromethane extract of the roots of E.
More interesting, confidence intervals were smaller than for absolute concentrations in triterpenes expressing a narrower range of values.
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Addition of triterpene acids to aqueous mistletoe extracts seems to activate as yet unknown mechanisms, which enhance apoptosis induction caspase independently.
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Siddiqui et al., (2011) reported that conjunctive usage of compost tea and inorganic fertiliser affects the growth, yield and triterpene composition of C.
evaluated the inhibitory effects of four triterpene acetates and four triterpene cinnamates isolated from the kernel fat of V.