Triple Transplant

Transplantation of three organs at the same operation, usually understood to mean the heart, lung and liver
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A HOTEL duty manager is overjoyed at being one of the first Brits to benefit from a triple transplant chain.
Sally-Ann Hart, from Chirk, need a triple transplant and has been told by doctors her chances are minimal unless she gets a liver, pancreas, small bowel, and possibly a kidney.
But the much need life extending triple transplant came 14 months later.
At 16, Molly underwent a triple transplant to replace her liver, bowel and pancreas, and slowly learned to eat and drink again.
Pioneering developments include the first ever successful paediatric triple transplant, the world's smallest successful pacemaker in a three-day old baby and a neuro-navigation system which provides image-guided surgery for children with brain tumours and other neurosurgical conditions.
"Combined transplantation of the heart, lung, and liver is a feasible and therapeutically effective procedure for a few selected patients," with 5-year survival for the triple transplant operation similar to that of heart-lung transplantation, said Friend and co-authors.
Rachel Middleton, a 16 year old, has the progressive condition cystic fibrosis and is waiting for a triple transplant - heart, lungs and liver.
Triple transplant patient Adele Chapman, aged eight, carries an Olympic-style torch to mark the start of the British Transplant Games in Birmingham.
ADELE Chapman, Britain's first triple transplant child, is to return to the city which saved her life this week.
Two years ago he created medical history by becoming the world's first triple transplant patient - heart, lungs and liver.
Under triple transplant chains, a stranger's kidney is allocated to the first recipient, a patient who is enrolled in the sharing scheme.
The 26-year-old was given the gift of life in 2003 when he underwent a triple transplant. But after years of breathing easy his lung function eventually started to deteriorate.