Triple Bottom Line

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A business principle that measures corporate performance along three lines: profits, planet (environmental sustainability) and people (social responsibility), instead of limiting its vision to the traditional bottom line—the black ink at the bottom of the ledger
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Your discovery journey should at a minimum describe the triple bottom line (TBL) sustainability performance measurement model and answer the following questions: * How do investors get information on a firm's sustainability practices?
While the triple bottom line has its uses, some, Pissed-Off Optimist among them, argue that innovation really comes into its own from a triple top line perspective.
By paying attention to the Triple Bottom Line, organizations can effect positive change that includes enhanced public support, increased profitability, reduced and better controlled risk, minimized environmental impact, increased brand value and reputation, and overall improved global standing to operate and grow.
Southwest Airlines Releases Third Annual Integrated Report On Triple Bottom Line Of Performance, People, And Planet.
In 1998, John Brett Elkington defined the triple bottom line of the 21st Century : People-Planet-Profit (1) starting from the same universal concern : to preserve and to protect what he have, to respect and to create a better place under the sun for all the people of the Planet and to be able to balance all this with the main economic goal-making a good profit.
Part-II: "Mirage to Reality" contains four chapters--Emergence of Triple Bottom Line Approach: Results Belie Expectations; Making the Right Choice: Overcoming Obstacles to Conscientious Choice; Discovering Triple Top Line: Of Joy, Peace and Contentment; Leadership Lessons from History: Perspectives from Egypt, India, China, Greece and Italy.
The Leadership Bridge Programme is being organised by Young Arab Leaders (YAL) Bahrain in association with Triple Bottom Line Associates Consultancy (3BL).
A seminar on "The triple bottom line of eco-buildings" was held by the Qatar chapter of The Institution of Engineers - India (IEI) at the Ashoka Hall at the Indian Cultural Centre.
It represents the company's sustainability value (working with a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit thereby creating value for all stakeholders), the One DSM philosophy (based on the realization that DSM can only fulfill its strategic goals if it operates as one united team across the globe) and it fits with the DSM mission to create brighter lives for people today and for generations to come.
Entrepreneurship and triple bottom line accounting (with the goal of sustainability) are the focus of this 86th spring issue of one of Indiana's longest running publications.
Imagine the power of being able to address all the elements of the triple bottom line (social, economic, and environmental) by using interpretive techniques to address issues of concern in your country.
As the demand for green travel has increased, many corporations have capitalized on this prime opportunity by implementing triple bottom line (TBL) reporting standards into their business plans.