Léon, French surgeon, 1842-1891. See: Tripier amputation.
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See, for example, Tripier (2004), Veracierto (2008), Christiano, Trabandt, and Walentin (2010), Haefke and Reiter (2011), and Shimer (2013).
We are truly thrilled to close on such a successful funding," said Jean Tripier, co-founder and CEO of FLYR.
Cielens teatas Reile, et valisasjade rahvakomissar Litvinov ja Poola valisminister Beck olid andnud konverentsil osalemiseks nousoleku ning et Prantsusmaa Riia saadik Jean Tripier pooldab samuti konverentsi kokkukutsumist.
With Big Data Partnership's focus and experience working with Spark and other big data related technologies, they are an ideal choice as a provider of Spark training in Europe," said John Tripier, Alliance and Ecosystems lead at Databricks.
Tripier (2004) analyzes a real business cycle version of the Diamond-Mortensen-Pissarides search and matching model that incorporates a home production decision.
Tripier (2011) discusses the implications of intra-firm bargaining on efficiency grounds in a model with hiring and training costs.
In this dimension, Tripier (1991) considers qualification as an encounter or relativity between jobs, allowing a hierarchical ranking of both individuals and tasks and leading to a position in the pay scale.
Common treatment avenues are based on defect size and include primary closure, Tenzel, Hughes, or Tripier flaps.
Qu'en est-il de la situation au Quebec ou la politique d'integration favorise plutot un respect de la pluralite culturelle issue de l'immigration, mais ou aussi, comme dans le reste du Canada, les minorites visibles estiment etre trop souvent victimes de prejuges et de discrimination (Samuel 1997; Satzewich 1998; Rea et Tripier 2003; Renaud et al.
For example, in a study published in 1986, Leger and Tripier (1994) showed that two schools with socially comparable intakes and located in the same educational priority zone obtained different results, linked to the level of involvement of the teaching staff and of the parents.
283-300; and Serge Leymarie and lean Tripier, Maroc: Le Prochain Dragon?
Tripier interprets the question of revolutionary vandalism as the imposition of a new culture on the Bretons, a people who rejected the Revolution and especially the Montagnard government.