Léon, French surgeon, 1842-1891. See: Tripier amputation.
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Many researchers have examined the effects of labor productivity on employment (e.g., Linzert, 2001; Tripier, 2002; Saygili et al., 2001; Lentz and Mortensen, 2004; Pissarides and Vallanti, 2004, Pazarlioglu and Cevik, 2007; Ladu, 2005; Hall et al., 2008; Bocean et al., 2008; Korkmaz, 2010; Kabaklarli et al., 2011; Turkyilmaz and Ozer, 2008; Parisi et al., 2015).
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Using administrative data collected by the FDIC, Aliaga-Diaz and Olivero (2010, 2011) and Beabrun-Diant and Tripier (2015) show that the sector's NIM is countercyclical.
[5-7] Eyelid advancement flap, cheek rotation flap, forehead flap, nasolabial flap, temporoparietal fascia flap, laterally based tarsoconjunctival transposition flap, superiorly based tarsoconjunctival advancement flap, orbicularis oculi muscle-skin island flap, laterally based skin advancement flap, cheek V-Y advancement flap, Tripier flap, and semicircular flap (Tenzel flap) are other reconstruction techniques.
It's too simplistic, it cannot really work," Maryse Tripier, professor in sociology of immigration at UniversitAaAaAeA@ Paris Diderot told the New Statesman in Augus
In an early study, Tripier finds that by distinguishing between the statuses of employment, unemployment, and inactivity, a business cycle model with search and matching frictions counterfactually predicts that the unemployment rate is procyclical.
Lower eyelid reconstruction can be performed with reliable results using Blasius, Imre, or Tripier flap; upper eyelid reconstruction can be performed with Fricke flap.
En Francia, si bien se realizaron algunas investigaciones aisladas sobre la migracion internacional en la decada del cincuenta, a partir de los setenta, despues que estuviera casi completamente ausente durante los debates sobre la cuestion social en los sesenta (Rea y Tripier, 2003), comenzo a ser tratada mas sistematicamente por una nueva generacion de investigadores, entre los cuales estuvo el sociologo franco-argelino Abdelmalek Sayad.