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Any method used to ‘correct’ experimental data, by eliminating high and low values or data points which are most in excess of the mean in an experimental ‘run’; trimming is a form of scientific misrepresentation
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Throughout the year, the village's in-house forestry personnel will continue trimming other parkway trees.
They looked perfect for goat hoof trimming, and they turned out to be exactly that.
We're taught about trimming early in our flying career, and many of us get pretty good at using trim to fly accurately and smoothly.
"Made by hand" may be nice if you're buying a watch, but in Brian Ray's viewpoint there is no going back in time on robotic trimming. He cites three reasons to justify his commitment to this technology:
The fixed table (or fixture cart option) in the router keeps the part in one stationary position during the trimming cycle to avoid chipping the tub.
To date, animal welfare research has provided some behavioural and neurological evidence to inform the debate on the acceptability of routine beak trimming within the industry (see Cheng, 2006 for a recent review).
Settings can be changed even during the trimming process, without having to first stop the machine.
The 2 guide combs provide 8 trimming lengths for a wide variety of looks and the Mini Screen shaver defines and ensures precise edging around the beard.
Trimming semiconductors and electronic systems with floating gate technology is a state-of-the-art replacement for older and more widely accepted mechanical potentiometer trimming and in some cases, laser trimming.
The machine crew and management needed a solution that would not jeopardize the trimming operation, create more work for maintenance crews, consume more power, or increase the noise level in the machine room.
Responding to health concerns about saturated fats and cholesterol, many consumers are trimming away fats on meat.