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Herbal medicine
A perennial plant, the roots of which contain saponins (e.g., diosgenin) and volatile oils; it is antiseptic and astringent, and has been used for bites and dermal irritation, gastrointestinal complaints (e.g., haemorrhage and diarrhoea) and to stop postpartum haemorrhage.
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(T. erectum) A member of the lily family; purported value as antiseptic and astringent; used historically in wound care.
Synonym(s): beth root, coughroot, jew's harp plant, stinking benjamin.
[L., fr. tri-, three, threefold]
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THANKS A TRILLIUM: Visitors to the garden are invariably intrigued by three clumps of Trillium chloropetalum that grow at the edge of a shady area here at Glebe Cottage.
especially Trillium grandiflorum, with its three petalled pure white flowers.
One of the plants that caught people's imagination when we opened early in the year, was trillium chloropetalum.
It's worth the initial outlay for the first plant you buy when you know that with a bit of care and love, you may eventually be able to grow your own trilliums from seed and fairly soon be able to plant out a little colony you've raised yourself.
Its generous leaves are boldly splashed with acid green and support upright sepals which have a fresh whiff of carnations - unlike other trilliums, which have a more unusual smell.
Instantly identifiable by the three leaves which cluster around the flowers, they range from the tiny Trillium nivale, with its gleaming pure white flowers, to the Trillium grandiflorum, where the white flowers shade off to pink.
Once trilliums are established, they often lead a long and happy life.
"Mahbubul's dual strengths to clearly define branding while taking a no-nonsense approach to developing PaaS and SaaS solutions are a great addition to the Trillium team," said David Uze, CEO and founder of Trillium.
Trillium recurvatum is a long lived perennial found in the southern part of the state, its northernmost distributional range and an area subject to considerable habitat fragmentation.