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The practice of verifying results using multiple tests. In geometric terms, an unknown third point can be determined with one known side and two known angles
Lab medicine A popular term for the use of two or more tests to evaluate one condition
Surgical oncology A method for localising the exact position of a breast lesion by a guide wire of a lesion of the breast, based on 3 parameters: position, depth of penetration, and wire angle


Oncology A method for determining the exact position of a breast lesion localized by a guide wire of a lesion of the breast, based on 3 parameters: position, depth of penetration, wire angle. See Guided wire open biopsy. Cf Stereotactic biopsy.


n a methodological approach in qualitative research used to integrate, verify, and interpret data derived from many different sources, including interviews.

triangulation (trīang´yəlā´shən),

n a wedge-shaped area between the root surface and alveolar crest that permits the passage of radiographic rays.
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Data collected through trilateration was used to generate the six Keplerian orbital elements (a, e, i, [OMEGA], [omega], M) that described the shape and orientation of the satellite's orbit at a given epoch.
To use the gage for trilateration, the absolute length between the centers of precision spheres must first be known since an interferometer can only measure changes in length.
The LTS-1000 laser trilateration system is a fast and accurate method for machine-tool calibration and error mapping.
The large number of available sensors has lead to a variety of localisation schemes such as triangulation, trilateration, hyperbolic localisation, data matching and many more.
Tobler (1973) made early comments regarding the relationship between MDS and survey approaches to trilateration.
Carlson Survey 2008 Standalone also includes SurvNet, the invaluable Network Least Squares Program that enables users to simultaneously process and adjust networks of traverse, level and GPS data, handling the special conditions of triangulation, resection and trilateration.
One of these reviews focused on trilateration, now also known to many under the name of multidimensional scaling.
In fact, Omnilink is the first company to use Qualcomm's Advanced Forward Link Trilateration (AFLT) and CDMA technologies to bring unprecedented levels of efficiencies to the judicial electronic monitoring space.