Trigger Thumb

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A congenital fixed flexion deformity of the thumb, due to a narrowed flexor pollicus longus tendon sheath in the region of the metacarpophalangeal joint, or due to a focal expansion of the tendon
Aetiology Idiopathic; it is more common in patients with diabetes, osteoarthritis, and in a background of tenosynovial proliferation:inflammatory arthritis, gout, or chronic infection (eg, fungus or atypical mycobacteria). It may present at birth or be acquired and, if severe, require surgical correction—e.g., with miniscalpel-needle percutaneous release
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9) Surgical release of the A1 pulley resolves trigger thumb in more than 95% of patients.
Trigger thumb should be treated by age three to allow for proper development of motor skills.
Incidence and Development of Trigger Thumb in Children.
Trigger thumb is known as a disorder characterized by snapping or locking of the thumb.
14) It follows that the treatment of trigger thumb using these techniques on the pulley structures of the flexor tendon, the carpal tunnel and surrounding tissues is both appropriate and reasonable.
18) Open surgical release of trigger thumb has a repeated success rate of between 97-100% but may be complicated by nerve damage.
We'd never heard of trigger thumb before and were anxious when we heard Harry would have to have an operation.
Pediatric trigger thumb is characterized by persistent flexion of the thumb interphalangeal joint and typically presents at around 2 years of age but can go unnoticed for years.
Probably the most debated concept in pediatric trigger thumb has been whether the pathologic entity is congenital or developmental.
The role of genetics in the etiology of pediatric trigger thumb has also been explored, with Weber (46) first reporting on the incidence in successive generations of a father and son.
Not being a gunslinger by trade, I suspect my trigger thumb was caused by holding a pen - in other words, repetitive strain injury.
Maybe my Trigger Thumb was trying to tell me something: stop writing.