Trigger Thumb

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A congenital fixed flexion deformity of the thumb, due to a narrowed flexor pollicus longus tendon sheath in the region of the metacarpophalangeal joint, or due to a focal expansion of the tendon
Aetiology Idiopathic; it is more common in patients with diabetes, osteoarthritis, and in a background of tenosynovial proliferation:inflammatory arthritis, gout, or chronic infection (eg, fungus or atypical mycobacteria). It may present at birth or be acquired and, if severe, require surgical correction—e.g., with miniscalpel-needle percutaneous release
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Trigger thumb characteristically presents with a palpable, tender Notta's node and variable contracture of the IP joint.
(9) Surgical release of the A1 pulley resolves trigger thumb in more than 95% of patients.
A previous diagnosis of trigger thumb was suggested by his sports medicine physician who suggested a corticosteroid injection.
Trigger thumb is known as a disorder characterized by snapping or locking of the thumb.
"We'd never heard of trigger thumb before and were anxious when we heard Harry would have to have an operation.
Pediatric trigger thumb is characterized by persistent flexion of the thumb interphalangeal joint and typically presents at around 2 years of age but can go unnoticed for years.
Probably the most debated concept in pediatric trigger thumb has been whether the pathologic entity is congenital or developmental.
Among the many possible causes of nontraumatic thumb pain are 3 conditions that primary care physicians are likely to encounter again and again: de Quervain's tenosynovitis (dQT), first carpometacarpal osteoarthritis (CMC OA), and trigger thumb (TT).
A trigger thumb? And I had never shot anyone in my life.
But I did wonder why it is called trigger thumb. There is also a similar condition called trigger finger.
Max, who goes to Weddington Pre-School, at Weddington Primary School, in Winchester Avenue, Nuneaton, has trigger thumbs and was having a corrective operation.