Trigger Happy

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Referring to overt and excessive drive to perform a particular task, either when the indications for the activity—e.g., a particular type of elective surgery—are not fully met, or before the rest of a team is fully prepared
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When he was 33 fame hit with Trigger Happy TV, but Dom had a nervous breakdown and was prescribed anti-depressants, which he has stayed on ever since.
Legendary Trigger Happy Along with the same abilities as the original Trigger Happy, this Legendary version of the fan-favorite "goldslinger" features more power.
Bin Laden, chortles Mr Trigger Happy TV, must have been the least successful product of Quaker teaching in the world.
Joly is also planning to take Trigger Happy from the small screen to the silver screen by next year, but is worried about the particulars.
The Middleham trainer, who has won the race with Double Trigger, Double Eclipse and last year 20-1 chance Trigger Happy, has also entered Three Green Leaves and Island Song in the 10-furlong juvenile contest.
Not a Jolly Occasion - British comedian Dom Joly, presenter and co-creator of Trigger Happy TV, dropped his laptop, damaging a hard drive that held five thousand photos, six thousand songs, half a book he was writing and all of his old newspaper columns.
COMIC Dom Joly has confessed he stole the giant phone on Trigger Happy TV which helped make him famous.
Just ask Dom Joly, the man behind two hidden camera shows more than 10 years apart - the cult favourite Trigger Happy TV and now Fool Britannia, which returns for a second series.
Joly, best known for fronting Trigger Happy TV and a stint on I'm a Celebrity.
Although he seems to have been around on our TV screens for years since the days of Trigger Happy TV, he reckons he's no stand-up man.
TRIGGER Happy TV star Dom Joly has revealed he was once considered as a security threat at Wimbledon.
Armed with horns and headlamps the mild-mannered turn snarling and trigger happy.