Trigger Happy

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Referring to overt and excessive drive to perform a particular task, either when the indications for the activity—e.g., a particular type of elective surgery—are not fully met, or before the rest of a team is fully prepared
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With trigger happy police, encouraged by a buffoon for chief of the PNP, and the encouragement of the President who seems to wish to solve so many issues with violence, Mandaluyong was an accident waiting to happen.
Srinagar -- Incarcerated Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik has strongly condemned the reign of terror unleashed against people of Jammu Kashmir throughout Kashmir valley during which more than two dozen innocents have fallen to the bullets of trigger happy Indian soldiers and police.
His prank show Trigger Happy TV saw Dom being hailed as the funniest man in Britain, becoming instantly recognisable as the guy 'HELLO?
Dom Joly brought viewers Fool Britannia last year, but Trigger Happy TV remains his pranking masterpiece with everything from an aggressive ice cream seller to giant squirrels.
He met comedian Dom Joly, who is famous for hidden camera show Trigger Happy TV.
Which Trigger Happy TV comedian has entered the I'm a Celebrity jungle?
The Trigger Happy TV veteran sets out to track down the places that inspired the story and find the Black Island Castle.
ISLAMABAD, March 01, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Trigger happy Indian forces, resorted to intense, unprovoked and indiscriminate firing in Batal sector, near LoC, on Monday evening.
Bouck and his men (who were eventually separated from their officer) began an ordeal far worse than combat--surviving the last days of the Third Reich when brutal guards were increasingly trigger happy, Allied bombers raided almost daily, and thin soup was the only sustenance.
mask over his head, and chase him off across the fields in a set-up that could have come straight from an episode of the British interventionist comedy show Trigger Happy TV, in which similarly absurdist minidramas are staged unannounced for an audience of bewildered passersby.
Stressing that planes would not be accidentally shot down, the general said, "I would take issue with anyone who would say the men and women in our armed forces are trigger happy.
I fished Trigger Happy and Maple boilies over a bed of hemp seed and although I fished right through two nights all the fish were caught during daytime,' said the delighted 29-year-old carp fanatic.