Trigger Factor

A soluble 63-kD peripheral ribosomal protein from E coli which stabilizes proOmpA, the precursor of a major outer membrane protein in its properly folded—i.e., translocation-competent—form. Trigger factor provides a protective nanoenvironment for nascent polypeptides at the ribosome
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He pointed out further that in the white skin cancer, melanoma UV exposure is a trigger factor, which is known through the number of sunburns especially during childhood.
The poor oral hygiene was the common trigger factor in all the cases, in addition to trauma from the upper left second molar in the first case, pericoronitis related to a partially erupted lower right third molar in the third case, and the poor stability of an upper RPD in the fourth case.
First, the interaction of trigger Factor 1 and both distributive and interactional justice predicted job satisfaction.
Habit the main trigger factor for almost nine out of 10 cases.
Strong sunlight can also be another trigger factor. Although with the summer we have just had it probably wasn't too big an issue this year!
Whilst the cause of eczema remains unknown, one known trigger factor is the yeast Malassezia sympodialis.
Among the patients who selected at least one trigger for familial hemiplegic migraine on the questionnaire, 36% reported at least one trigger factor that often or always (questionnaire response of 3 or 4, respectively) precipitated a FHM attack, he said.
recession or if there is any trigger factor that results in disruptions in the
In this study, noise, exposure to daily light and sun, travelling, weather, crowd and cigarette smoke have been reported as environmental triggers and noise was detected as the second most common trigger factor (5).
"Surprisingly, we also found in men that smoking and lack of alcohol as a trigger factor were also predictors," Dr.
Dr McNally, said: "We found place of birth was significant, which suggests that an infection in the mother while she is carrying her baby, or in a child's early years, could be a trigger factor