Trifolium pratense

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Fringe medicine A flower said to provide a sense of calm
Herbal medicine An herb that contains coumarins, cyanogenic glycosides, flavonoids, phenolic glycosides, and salicylates. Red clover is antispasmodic, expectorant and mildly sedative
Toxicity Red clover is a phytooestrogen and should not be used in pregnancy or given to young children
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Legumes, including Trifolium pratense (Fabaceae), participate in a symbiotic relationship with Rhizobia, resulting in the formation of root nodules within which atmospheric nitrogen is fixed.
Con lo anterior, se puede concluir que a pesar de que los animales manejados en este estudio solo recibieron como tratamiento una dosis de LRF, se lograron ganancias de peso superiores a las reportadas en estas investigaciones, indicando que el manejo de las pasturas kikuyo -- trebol rojo (Pennisetum clandestynum -- Trifolium pratense) en la Granja Tunguavita de la UPTC, es apropiado.
Trifolium pratense L, red clover, family Fabaceae, subfamily Papilionaceae
The CP content of pasture plants ranged from 94 g/kg for Potentilla reptans and 210 g/kg for Trifolium pratense. The crude fibre had an overall mean value of 42 g/kg and ranged from 31-53 g/kg for Trifolium pratense and Potentilla reptans.
Raudonieji dobilai (Trifolium pratense L.)--tai tradicine ir placiausiai ariamoje zemeje auginama daugiamete pasarine zole.
Para cultivar el Trifolium pratense, elegimos la parcela numero 1, que tiene una extension de 2.500 [m.sup.2].
Seasonal variation of Red Clover (Trifolium pratense L., Fabaceae) Isoflavones and Estrogenic Activity.
Mae'r meillion coch (Trifolium pratense; red clover) yn hardd iawn erbyn hyn ac yn sirioli ochrau'r ffyrdd.
ALFA Romeo considered calling the latest additions to its Alfa GT range by their Latin name of Trifolium Pratense, but decided to settle for the more recognisable Cloverleaf moniker instead.
Red clover (Trifolium pratense) that was not treaded had 30% greater yield and the soil had 25% lower bulk density than a plant-soil simulated treading treatment (Moore and Laidlaw 1980).
Red Clover (Trifolium pratense): Part Used: Young blossoms and their associated leaves.
Lymphatic herbs, such as red clover (Trifolium pratense), cleavers (Gallium aparine), or red root (Ceanothus velutinous) may help support the lymph system clear toxins from the tissues.