Trichomonas foetus

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Trich·o·mo·nas foe·'tus

former name for Tritrichomonas foetus.


a genus of flagellate protozoa parasitic in animals, birds, and in humans. Member of the family Trichomonadidae and characterized usually by the presence of a single flagellum.

Trichomonas caballi
found in the colon of horses.
Trichomonas canistomae
found in the mouth of dogs.
Trichomonas equi (syn. Trichomonas faecalis)
Trichomonas equibuccalis
found in the mouth of horses.
Trichomonas felistomae
found in the mouth of cats.
Trichomonas foetus
see tritrichomonasfoetus.
Trichomonas gallinae
found in the upper digestive tract of many birds but mostly in pigeon squabs where it causes avian trichomoniasis.
Trichomonas gallinarum
see tetratrichomonasgallinarum.
Trichomonas hominis
see pentatrichomonashominis.
Trichomonas intestinalis
see pentatrichomonashominis.
Trichomonas macacovaginae
found in the vagina of the rhesus monkey.
Trichomonas phasioni
causes diarrhea and dehydration of pheasant poults.
Trichomonas tenax
found in the mouth of monkeys and humans but has no pathogenic effect.