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A web-based gene evaluation and genome annotation tool, used to perform manual functional annotation, which can store and view annotation for prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes
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Scientifically, manatees belong to the order - Sirenia, and the family - Trichechidae. Of the four groups of sirenians, three are manatees and the other are dugongs.
Cau, Ces, Cho, (Saussure, de Perija Cor, Cun, LaG, 1860) Mag, NdS, San, VdC Tamandua Amazonia, Ama, Ara, Caq, 0-2000 tetradactyla Orinoquia Cas, Met, Vic (Linnaeus, 1758) Myrmecophaga Linnaeus, 1758 Myrmecophaga Amazonia, Ant, Boy, Cas, 0-1900 tridactyla Andina, Caribe, Ces, Gua, LaG, Linnaeus, 1758 Orinoquia Mag, Met, Nar, Vau SIRENIA Familia Trichechidae Trichechus Linnaeus, 1758 Trichechus Amazonia Ama, Caq, Put 0-90 inunguis (Natterer, 1883) Trichechus Caribe, Ara, Atl, Bol, 0-90 manatus Orinoquia Cas, Ces, Cor, Linnaeus, 1758 Mag, Met, San, Suc, Vic SORICOMORPHA Familia Soricidae Cryptotis Pomel, 1848 Cryptotis Andina: Cord.
Los manaties (Sirenia: Trichechidae) son mamiferos herbivoros totalmente acuaticos de los que actualmente existen tres especies.