Tribulus terrestris

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Tribulus terrestris

Chinese medicine
An annual herb, the fruit of which is alterative, nutritive and tonic; it strengthens muscles and tendons, facilitates labour, purifies blood, and has been used for anaemia, sexual dysfunction, malnutrition, increased urinary frequency, low breast milk production, poor vision and tinnitus.

Tribulus terrestris,

n See caltrops.


a genus of the Zygophyllaceae family of plants.

Tribulus micrococcus
Australian species contains an unidentified toxin, which causes incoordination, recumbency, paralysis in sheep; called also yellow vine.
Tribulus terrestris
1. this weed contains the toxic steroidal saponin which causes hepatic injury when eaten. The clinical syndrome consists of photosensitization, jaundice and hepatic encephalopathy. The disease is known also as 'geeldikkop' [Afrikaans] and yellow bighead. Called also caltrop, puncture vine, devil's thorn.
2. causes Coonabarabran disease of sheep in Australia; an ataxia syndrome thought to be caused by β-carboline alkaloids.
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In PCOS it is best to use Tribulus terrestris on days 5 to 14 of the menstrual cycle to restore menstrual regularity.
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Tribulus terrestris is known for its use in the traditional medicine of many countries for treatment of cancer and cardiac diseases, edema, skin itch and wounds and impotence [11].
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