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A subfamily of insects (family Reduviidae, suborder Heteroptera) that are vertebrate bloodsuckers and include such important disease vector species as Panstrongylus, Rhodnius, and Triatoma; they are commonly called conenose or kissing bugs.
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The capture of triatomines in the peridomestic and intradomestic environment occurred actively (manual capture) and was carried out by endemic agents of the municipalities in household visits programmed or directly by residents of the homes studied.
Finamore-Araujo et al., "Development of conventional and real-time multiplex PCR-based assays for estimation of natural infection rates and Trypanosoma cruzi load in triatomine vectors," Parasites & Vectors, vol.
This demonstrates that the survival capacity of triatomines for long periods without food can be a defense mechanism against insecticides, and thus these insects protected themselves until the lethal doses [26].
The early identification of areas with greater (or significant) vulnerability to the occurrence of synanthropic triatomines and transmission of human Chagas disease is fundamental for the design and application of efficient and economically viable intervention actions [25].
Further, this species is able to adapt and replace other triatomines in the transmission of Chagas disease [9], besides being one of the most important species with potential to transmit Chagas disease in Texas, United States [11].
As identified by the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, our military personnel routinely acquire a wide range of VBDs spread through mosquitoes, ticks, triatomines, and other arthropods.
Unfortunately, Reduviids are not common in Chilean collections, and there are few specimens around, mostly of Triatomines (E.
Triatomines occurring in distinct locations are normally adapted to local conditions (4).
However, the triatomines and their eggs were maintained in mesh-covered pots, preventing any spontaneous wasp-triatomine egg contact.
Characterization of Trypanosoma cruzi strains isolated from chronic chagasic patients, triatomines and opossums naturally infected from the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.