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A competitive event involving 3 sport disciplines: swimming, bicycling, and running, usually in that order
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Compared with marathons, triathlons are longer and more complicated, but can also be more appreciated, and can better present more of the host city, which helps to promote tourism.
Both Eirias triathlons start in the sea at Porth Eirias, the new watersports complex in Colwyn Bay.
Both events take place in capital cities and Etihad Airways will be the common link between these two triathlons in cities between which Etihad Airways recently started direct flight services.
Etihad Airways is the new official airline sponsor of Events DC s Nation s Triathlon, marking the Abu Dhabi-based airline s first entry into sports sponsorship in the US capital.
To help more triathletes from coast to coast train, compete and succeed, the International Triathlon Coaching Association (ITCA) Program's blog now features expert advice from a variety of certified triathlon coaches.
He also received pounds 350 of triathlon equipment.
But as the international campaign to gain inclusion for triathlon in the Olympics got underway in the late 1980s, the need to come up with a new name for its two-sport off-spring became apparent.
Many triathletes say they already had been participating in one of the sport's three disciplines and became involved in triathlons after deciding to vary their training.
After the bicycle was introduced in San Diego in 1974, the event became known as the triathlon and consisted of a 1/4 mile swim, 5-mile bike ride, and 2.
All running all the time is fine, but training for a triathlon can produce fitness gains unreachable with running alone.
NYSE: HLF) and Pacific Sports LLC, producer of the annual Los Angeles Triathlon, today announced a five-year agreement naming Herbalife as title sponsor and the event will now be known as Herbalife Triathlon Los Angeles.
Chirk is one of the most popular triathlons in the country, with the 400 places for this year's race having sold out within 80 minutes.