Triangular Face

A hypoplastic face with prominent zygomatic arches, orbital hypertelorism, sunken cheeks, down-turned mouth, and occasionally brownish facial discolouration, which is characteristic of Mulibrey nanism. Triangular facies have also been described in Russell-Silver syndrome and Turner syndrome
References in classic literature ?
Dolly looked silly, and had one of those triangular faces that so often prove attractive to a robust man.
Axel Vervoordt, Antwerp's charismatic dealer, collector and curator, presents a combination of beautiful objects--including an Egyptian four-sided sandstone Hathor capital, carved with a gazing, triangular face (332-320 BC; Fig.
Each had a prominent aquiline nose, eyebrows that met in the middle, and an almost triangular face that tapered to a pointed chin.
According to Tatiana, women with triangular face shapes should opt for hats with brims, but only small brims.
At that point, the students realised that to find the area of the triangular faces, what they really needed was the height of the triangular face (the slant height of the pyramid, l, and not the height of the pyramid, h).
But suddenly, caught in the headlights 20ft away, was a triangular face dominated by a pair of alert, glowing eyes.
As he stood near the CalArts entrance with a couple of collaborators on his "Off the Wall" short, Hirsch, a rapid-fire talker with a triangular face and a wispy beard, paused to wave at girls who played minor roles in his live-action animation.
The man is 18, with a triangular face and protruding ears, and spoke with a local accent.
If you have got an oval face or a triangular face you can get away with any style.
The provocation of his dancing figure lies as much in its rectangular nipple and triangular face as in the transgressive elongation of its arms.
Contract notice: Light rail extension misburg-center - road construction endpoint - bus lane and triangular face.