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David, 20th-century British orthopedic surgeon. See: Trevor disease.
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Lord Lloyd-Webber and Sir Trevor Nunn in crowd and at Llandudno Junction train station Pics: JOHN EVANS and BENJI ROBEAR & TIMOTHY ANDERSON
Theatre director Trevor Nunn also reveals how Jacko wanted to play Peter Pan in the West End.
Trevor Nunn has held the post at Alderman Smith School for nine years but has been seconded by Warwickshire County Council to work on delivering a vision for Warwickshire's primary and secondary schools.
Trevor Nunn set his production of King Lear in the Courtyard Theatre, where it was performed in repertory with Chekhov's The Sea Gull.
Trevor Nunn directs, as he did the premieres of Stoppard's Arcadia and The Coast of Utopia trilogy.
British imports heading stateside this season include Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Woman in White, with lyrics by Zippel and direction by Trevor Nunn, and the long-awaited Jerry Springer--The Opera, directed by one of its authors, Stewart Lee.
Among the talking heads discussing the short-list are Richard Briers, Toyah Willcox, critic Sheridan Morley and director Trevor Nunn.
As crafted by director Trevor Nunn with a score by Andrew Lloyd Webber (musicalizing the verses of T.
The new production, directed by Trevor Nunn, will reunite Walters, Celia Imrie (Miss Babs) and Duncan Preston (Mr Clifford), the original cast of the spoof soap opera, first seen on BBC television in January, 1985.
Specifically, she incorporates productions in English directed by Peter Brook (1955), Trevor Nunn (1972), Jane Howell (1985), Deborah Warner (1987), and Gregory Doran (1995; South Africa); in Italian, byAldo Trionfo (1968), Peter Stein (1989), and Silviu Purcarete; in French by Daniel Mesguich (1989); and in Dutch, by Johan Doesburg (1997).