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David, 20th-century British orthopedic surgeon. See: Trevor disease.
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If you are an existing member, or even a lapsed member, and you have not recently received either a letter through the post or an email about these HTSA membership offers, please contact Trev Whitehead on 07725 036109 or email with your contact details.
Folk singer-songwriter Trev Reed, a Northumbrian, has been playing in public since 1972.
Trev opens the front door to show me all the rose heads scattered in the hallway.
According To Trev had to make do with minor honours behind the wellregarded duo of Twirling Magnet and Pantxoa, but there appears nothing of that calibre in this line-up.
"Super Trev would wow it to them at Batley with his football-boot tap-dancing routine and explosive doublehanded slap to little Ern's cheeks." An intriguing thought.
"I think we all," growled Red Trev, handing me a glass of rice wine, "owe Mike Lockley a debt of gratitude for agreeing to show solidarity and wholehearted support for our battle to end the undemocratic and draconian erosion of this proud industry by committing hari-kiri."
Trev requires approximately 70 Wh/km, so a 30,000km trip will consume approximately 2100kWh (2.1MWh) of energy.
Perhaps it's the bellyputter, as Trev's charge ended with 34 putts in the final round.
To them he was known as Toy Mic Trev. I'm sure over the years everybody in South Wales would have seen him or heard of him.
AST week, this magazine featured a story headlined 'In search of Toy Mic Trev'.
"And if the Tories get in again the same young people will be forced to work for PS2 an hour." Trev Hagl