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tremolo (trem´əlō),

n an irregular and exaggerated speech pattern that may be the symptom of an emotional disturbance or of various diseases affecting the nervous control of the organs of respiration and phonation.
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90); Lucia ricambia le tenerezze di Gertrude "come la pecora, tremolando senza timore sotto la mano del pastore che la palpa e la strascina mollemente, si volta a leccar quella mano; e non sa che, fuori della stalla, l'aspetta il macellaio a cui il pastore l'ha venduta un momento prima" (cap.
Although the score is playable on the piano, it is not always pianistic in texture; for instance, some sustained notes or tremolando chords in the bass are not piano-friendly.
The first movement, where the melody moves grandly over a sustained violin tremolando, should be taut and mysterious - here it sounds slack and enervated.