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, pl.


(fō-rā'men, fō-ram'i-nă), [TA]
An aperture or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure.
Synonym(s): trema (1)
[L. an aperture, fr. foro, to pierce]


(1) Foramen. 
(2) Vulva [NA6].
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Trema micrantha is widely distributed from the southern United States to Argentina (Torres 1996).
Trema Finance KIT will run on Sun Solaris with a Sybase database.
Telecomms operator France Telecom has chosen to install the Trema Finance KIT from financial software solutions provider Trema to handle its treasury operations.
The Trema Finance KIT will replace a total of four existing systems that are distributed across the bank's front, middle and back office operations.