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Not kosher
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After all, cheese is just curdled milk, and as long as it's not eaten with meat, what could be treif about it?
And the reviewer attributed this to the different world of late twentieth-century America: "While lamenting the slightly treif taste of the new Fiddler, Thane Rosenbaum added: 'Perhaps that's not the production's fault as much as it is a reflection of how well, and quickly, the Jewish immigration saga in America was transformed from one of despair to one of reinvention.
Feit points to the Jewish legal principle of nullification, which states that a trace amount of a forbidden substance can be fully absorbed into an acceptable one without rendering the second treif, or forbidden.
Such public vilification is meant to force Jewish leaders to either censor their beliefs or risk being labeled treif and kicked out of the tent altogether.
Under Jewish law, corned beef can be as kosher as sushi, foie gras or kung pao chicken--or as treif.
As some do today, these restaurants sometimes even served outright treif dishes such as pork chops or cheeseburgers.
Then she glances sideways at Old Moishe, bent and slumped, staring out with his no-color eyes, his bony hands twitching and clefting the air before him as if separating between kosher and treif, pure and impure, and other endless Ashkenazi laws.
Not everything about the book is Jewish: The broiled clams with chorizo are more than a little treif, but the rugelach and brisket nicely balance them out.
A convert who doesn't keep the commandments is precisely like a Jew born of a Jewish mother who eats treif.