Tree Diagram

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A graphical device used to list all possibilities of a sequence of events in a systematic way


1. an anatomical structure with branches resembling a tree.
2. in information science, a decision tree.

bronchial tree
the trachea, bronchi and successive branching generations of the respiratory passages.
tree daffodil
decision tree
see decision tree.
tree diagram
see decision tree.
tree lupin
tree nettle
see urtica.
tree shrew
primitive arboreal mammal that some taxonomists place with the primates. Like squirrels in shape and size. Called also Tupaia spp.
tree snake
a number of colubrid snakes that lead an arboreal existence and practice falling from trees with their body spread out, earning the name of flying snake.
tree tobacco
tracheobronchial tree
the trachea, bronchi and their branching structures.
tree zamia
cycasarmstrongii, C. media.
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Whenever an upstream node fails to receive an aggregated data packet from one of its downstream child nodes, the upstream node decides that the link to the child node has broken and initiates a TREE-LINK-FAILURE message (included with a sequence number corresponding to the value sent by the LEADER node in the TREE-CONSTRUCT message) with the number of hops the message can get propagated equal to the tree level value for the initiating upstream node.
In the TREE-CONSTRUCT message, the leader node sets the sender's estimated weight value to +[infinity] and the value of the tree level field to 0.
ii) The value of the tree level field in the message is lower than or equal to the current tree level field value at the node.
The receiver node selects the sender node as its upstream node for joining/connecting to the tree, sets its estimated weight in the tree as the minimum of the sender node's estimated weight for the tree and LET of the link through which the TREE-CONSTRUCT message was received, and also sets the value of its tree level local state information to one more than the value of the tree level field in the TREE-CONSTRUCT message.
The initial values for the upstream node id, sequence number, LEADER node id and the tree level fields at the LEADER node and the regular sensor nodes are the same as those listed for these nodes in Section 3.
e] interactions can arise at the tree level from the exchange of Higgs bosons, spin-zero or spin-one leptoquarks, and in supersymmetric models with R-parity violation from the exchange of sleptons.
Table 1 shows that in most PAMs the regions at the same tree level form a partitioning of the universe; that is, they are mutually disjoint, with their union being the complete space.
Regions corresponding to nodes at the same tree level are mutually disjoint; their union is the complete universe.
d]) that correspond to nodes on the same tree level are mutually disjoint.
The variable "tree number" is included to control for tree level effects.
A second general linear model examining the effects of tree level variables on germination showed that tree species and the presence of Pheidole seed harvesting ants had significant effects (Table 4).