Tree Diagram

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A graphical device used to list all possibilities of a sequence of events in a systematic way
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Based on the above-mentioned relationships between the constituent parts of the construction project embracing structural, technological and safety requirements, the authors offer a multistage model for solving the problems of construction work safety, as presented in the tree diagram (Fig.
As primarily essential factor in tree diagram obtained, subjects who had trait anxiety variable were divided into three subcategories.
So, the next step in our analysis is to determine the cash value for each branch of our tree diagram, since the final cash values will represent the payoffs for these branches.
I fully believe with Parpola that "Mesopotamian religion and philosophy are not dead but still very much alive in Jewish, Christian, and Oriental mysticism and philosophies," but I do not for a moment accept that "The Tree diagram provides the key which makes it possible to bridge these different traditions and to start recovering the forgotten summa sapientia of our cultural ancestors," [47] or that Tammuz died "for the redemption of all the fallen souls ...
For Science, the materials were related to the school syllabus (but had yet to be dealt with in class) and showed written text plus a summary tree diagram (the visual aid).
In the final analysis, I examined the similarity of trees across work unit members by comparing the terms in each tree diagram and its placement in the tree.
In a holon the classical organizational tree diagram is turned upside down.
The resulting tree diagram suggested that subject 11 sorted the graphic items in a manner different from the other subjects, and therefore, the data for this subject was removed from all subsequent analyses.
Figure 1 presented the regression tree diagram built by CHAID algorithm in the prediction of FFW for cultural beef cattle enterprises.
Calving year was statistically the most influential factor on 305-d milk yield of the Brown Swiss cattle (F=40.468, df1=5, df2=1878, Pless than 0.01), followed by parity and calving interval in regression tree diagram (Pless than 0.01).