Tree Diagram

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A graphical device used to list all possibilities of a sequence of events in a systematic way


1. an anatomical structure with branches resembling a tree.
2. in information science, a decision tree.

bronchial tree
the trachea, bronchi and successive branching generations of the respiratory passages.
tree daffodil
decision tree
see decision tree.
tree diagram
see decision tree.
tree lupin
tree nettle
see urtica.
tree shrew
primitive arboreal mammal that some taxonomists place with the primates. Like squirrels in shape and size. Called also Tupaia spp.
tree snake
a number of colubrid snakes that lead an arboreal existence and practice falling from trees with their body spread out, earning the name of flying snake.
tree tobacco
tracheobronchial tree
the trachea, bronchi and their branching structures.
tree zamia
cycasarmstrongii, C. media.
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Once the output was modified, the resulting bracket analyses were transformed into tree diagrams by means of the phpSyntax Tree tool (see Figure 2).
The tool applied in Liberatore & Nydik (1997) is essentially a tree diagram, not the real AHP.
As primarily essential factor in tree diagram obtained, subjects who had trait anxiety variable were divided into three subcategories.
Figure 1 shows the tree diagram with the costs, payoffs, and probabilities.
I fully believe with Parpola that "Mesopotamian religion and philosophy are not dead but still very much alive in Jewish, Christian, and Oriental mysticism and philosophies," but I do not for a moment accept that "The Tree diagram provides the key which makes it possible to bridge these different traditions and to start recovering the forgotten summa sapientia of our cultural ancestors," [47] or that Tammuz died "for the redemption of all the fallen souls .
Such an understanding, though, seems to fade when it comes to the tree diagram in Science.
Using the tree diagram categories as a guide, I compared these initial perceived categories of conflict to actual behaviors within each group (a conflict episode occurred on average once every eight hours).
Statistically meaningful independent variables on the dependent variable were utilized in constructing the decision tree diagram.
01), followed by parity and calving interval in regression tree diagram (Pless than 0.
ALPHA: Well you could do one of those tree diagram things, with the first spin showing a split, with even on one branch with a two-thirds chance, and odd on the other branch with a one-third chance; and then each of those splits for the next spin, and so on, and so on.
This model of every activity then decomposed into more detailed diagrams with further representation in form of Node Tree Diagram (NTD).