hard disk drive

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hard disk drive,

n the mechanism that controls the positioning, reading, and writing of the hard disk, which provides the largest amount of storage for the computer.
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Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Travel Drive Assembly For Reclaimer
The 40-tonne class machines feature a freely variable hydrostatic travel drive and are characterised by good thrust and tearout performance, by their simple controls and by their especially good efficiency.
The crawler tractor PR 734 Litronic features an extraordinary output in all speed ranges due to its hydrostatic travel drive.
Carda Business Travel drive VIPs from top dogs at the Welsh Assembly to visiting diplomats - ask them to chauffeur you from wine bar to wine bar, shop to shop.
Include travel drive with Liebherr's 2plus2 technology
The production equipment used for raising and lowering materials into process tanks, as well as the travel drive equipment, are exposed to vapors from acidic chemicals, which can significantly impact maintenance time and costs as well as affect the equipment's life span.
Limited Tenders are invited for Tripper Travel Drive Assly
Tenders are invited for Long Travel Drive Shaft For Eot Crane As Per Drg.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Travel Drive Shaft
With a standardized tool set and cloud-based infrastructure, we are excited to help TUI Travel drive cost savings and boost productivity for its operations across 180 countries," said Eric Velfre, director, Dell Services.
Tenders are invited for Double Row Sperical Roller Bearing For Long Travel Drive Wheel Of Eot Crane 10/3 Ton Feffco , Bearing No.

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