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Moritz F., German otologist, 1832-1902. See: Trautmann triangular space.
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For Trautmann, who has died at the age of 89, continuing with a painful injury might have brought him acclaim but it barely compared with the extraordinary bravery he displayed both during and after the Second World War.
BERT Trautmann, inset, the German prisoner of war who went on to earn fame for playing for Manchester City in the FA Cup final despite a broken neck, has died at the age of 89.
LEGENDARY goalkeeper Bert Trautmann, who famously played on despite suffering a broken neck in the 1956 FA Cup final against Birmingham City, has died aged 89.
Trautmann brings 20 years of European Advertising Experience
Frankincense And More, written by Robin Oakley, is among six nominated in the Best Biography category, with Oakley's book on Hills facing strong competition with a trio of football legends - Bill Nicholson, Tommy Lawton and Bert Trautmann - the subject of three of the books up against him.
The 19-year-old was only beaten by Germany's Eva Trautmann.
The team led by Dr Michael Trautmann, a researcher with Eli Lilly in Indianapolis showed that exenatide, an injectable medication marketed as Byetta not only helps in loosing weight in people without diabetes.
John OYSTER (C Palace) Subs: Steve GUPPY (ex-Leicester) Martin LING (ex-Orient) Phil DAB (ex-Liverpool) John SCALES (ex-Liverpool) Bert TRAUTmann (ex-Man City) Gary GILL (ex-Middlesbrough) ZANDER Diamond (Aberdeen) Mikael Forssell (Hanover); well, we had to have a FINN.
Keith Greer twice went the final yard for his double and Joesph picked out Andres Trautmann in the dying seconds to present Tino Gasser with his fourth upgrade kick.
The neckbrace that helped legendary Manchester City goalkeeper Bert Trautmann recover from a broken neck after the 1956 FA Cup final is on display, and cabinets nearby show off Everton's first-ever European trophy, the Barcelona Cup, and a record struck to celebrate Liverpool's European triumphs of the 1980s.
Francisco Ossa, a partner of Ureta y Bianchi, will head the equity business, and Merrill Lynch's Hans Trautmann will be in charge of the fixed income, currencies and commodities business, the New York-based firm said.
Nine years after publishing Aryans and British India, historian Thomas Trautmann offers a companion volume about the Dravidian south.