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Moritz F., German otologist, 1832-1902. See: Trautmann triangular space.
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SATURDAY RAMBO III, STV, 11.20PM Vietnam veteran John Rambo heads for Afghanistan on a quest to rescue his old boss Colonel Trautman from prison.
Much of the drop in traffic can be attributed to the exchange rate, Laurie Trautman, director of the Border Policy Research Institute at Western Washington University, said.
Trautman as chairman of the board and Executive Vice President Matthew R.
Ken Trautman, the company's president and chief executive officer reminded shareholders to expect important material for the annual shareholder's meeting to be held 24 on April 2019.
Ken Trautman, president and CEO said, 'the board of directors is delighted to provide this dividend to our shareholders in light of the 47 percent increase in earnings per share for the year 2018 compared to 2017.' No fractional shares will be issued and cash will be paid in lieu of fractional shares.
The origin of this collaboration, according to Ann Hudson Jones (1990: 22), began in the US: 'Literature and medicine as a contemporary academic subspecialty is said to have began in 1972, with the appointment of Joanne Trautman Bank to the faculty of the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine at Hershey.
(Humphrey, who had been Mayor of Minneapolis, had just been elected to the United States Senate that November.) George Trautman, president of the National Association, declared that the number one problem in minor league parks was inadequate lighting.
Winner Matt Trautman - a South African Ironman champion who, 18 months ago, was hit by a car and broke his back - crossed the line in eight hours, 53 minutes and 21 seconds.
I remember him back in 1979, he always reminded me that I should've cast him as Colonel Trautman in FIRST BLOOD, I said that's impossible, because you're too expensive and too famous, and probably tougher than Rambo!
Trautman explained, "Two significant items impacted non-interest expense during 2018, the first is the salary expense associated with the Steelhead Finance purchase and the second is the salary and overhead expense associated with the bank's expansion into the Klamath Falls market."
In the current issue of National Affairs, Lars Trautman and Arthur Rizer provide a helpful survey of a red-state policy revolution.