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Moritz F., German otologist, 1832-1902. See: Trautmann triangular space.
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Trautman (1899-1991) and Mary (Auten) Trautman (1898-1986) made thorough and careful searches of 130 years of ornithological records, turn of the century sporting literature, and talked with old market hunters, trappers, and local Great Lakes commercial fishermen to gather information about all manner of water birds observed in the Western Lake Erie basin.
She made connections with Don Molitor who operates a trucking firm out of Boulder, Montana, paved the way with Denise Trautman a manager at The Red Lion Colonial Hotel and before could say "NOW Whaddawedo?
Accepting the award for Daniel Gale were Pat Petersen, CEO and President; Barbara Candee, Daniel Gale/Sotheby's International Realty Director and Vice President; and Associate Directors Margaret Trautman, Kathleen Hamburger and the newly appointed Associate Director Lois Kirschenbaum.
Agilent's time-to-money operating system greatly reduces test program and fixture development time compared with traditional ICT systems," said Jack Trautman, president of Agilent's Automated Test Group.
to the presidency of the Conference was hardly earthshaking (as in Canada, the vice-president succeeds automatically to the top post), the nomination and election from the floor of Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie, PA, as chairman of the Liturgy Committee was.
Rick Trautman is operations manager for RBS Enterprises, West Chester, Pa.
West Bromwich Albion will have to beat a modern-day Bert Trautman when they face Manchester United at Old Trafford today.
In Pennsylvania, Bishop Donald Trautman of the Diocese of Erie has announced that pro-choice Catholic officeholders are no longer welcome at church-sponsored events.
Strasbourg was the first large French city to entrust its fate to a woman when Catherine Trautman was elected Mayor in 1989.
Trautman continued, "The end of 2011 marked our tenth consecutive quarter of profitability since the recession began.
The story began last year, when Simon Trautman learned that Oakleigh Meadows Co-housing (OMC) planned a large housing development at the end of Oakleigh Lane, the dead-end street on which Trautman and his wife lived.
The association's board chairman said that recently retired Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie, Pa.