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Moritz F., German otologist, 1832-1902. See: Trautmann triangular space.
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Trautman was chairman of the Committee on the Liturgy (now called the Committee on Divine Worship) in 1995 when the U.
We're going to have to really scrutinize everything else that's coming into the city, making sure we're continuing to preserve open space and wildlife corridors,'' commissioner Diane Trautman said.
In the October interview with Bishop Donald Trautman ("Mass in the balance"), while commenting on the translation of the revised lectionary, Trautman referred to problems involved in following the translation rules of Liturgiam Authenticam, which promotes "a more or less literal translation of the Latin.
Progressive bishops such as Trautman (Erie, PA) and Skbla (auxiliary in Milwaukee) spoke against adoption of this translation because, in their opinion, it is not feminist enough.
Trautman asked how the translation of the antiphons used in the liturgy had been ceded to the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship without debate or a vote from the U.
Shawn Trautman (a coach of World Champion dancers) presents Dance Lessons 101, a DVD introduction to eight of the most popular social dances: Slow Dance, Waltz, Swing, Salsa, Two-Step, Cha-Cha, Hustle, and West Coast Swing.
Bids will go out next week to select the project's general contractor, said Robert Trautman, chief executive officer of Lancaster Community Hospital and UHS's top area official.
I was delighted to read the October interview ("Mass in the balance") with Bishop Donald Trautman and to hear his views on the Eucharist and the Mass.
Trautman is calling for a last-minute measure by the U.
Lancaster Community Hospital Chief Executive Officer Robert Trautman will talk about construction of the Palmdale Regional Medical Center, being built by Lancaster Community's parent company, Pennsylvania-based Universal Health Services.