Carl, early 20th-century German internist. See: Staub-Traugott effect.
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The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (Department) has announced the creation of a new pharmacy office and the appointment of Cathy Traugott as Office Director and Thomas Leahey as Deputy Director.
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(1) "Dienerblatter" [service records] for Carl Traugott August Freitag and Sophia Sparmeier, Unity Archives, Herrnhut, Saxony, Germany (UAH); see also "Lebenslauf des am 18.
The extension of the meaning of going to from temporality to goal or intention can be interpreted in the light of this insight (Bybee 2015: 134), as can the development of since from temporal to causal (Bybee 2015: 204), though, admittedly, Alba-Juez and Mackenzie (244) do pay some attention to the connection between Gricean pragmatics and frequently observed types of semantic change (as noted in Traugott 2007: 540).
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Being a combination of the progressive form of the verb go (which had possibly developed a purposive meaning on its own) and the subordinator to introducing a purposive clause, be going to came to function as an auxiliary marking future tense (Traugott 1994 : 1481).
The term discourse markers (also: discourse particles, pragmatic particles, pragmatic markers) has been defined in different ways by different scholars (cf, e.g., Aijmer 2002; Traugott 2007; Degand et al.
La metonimia (como mecanismo de cambio semantico) incluye la parte por el todo (sinecdoque: "habia dos almas alli"), la causa por el efecto ("le hizo dano el sol"), el contenedor por el contenido ("tomar una copa"), el material por el objeto ("trajo los papeles"), el nombre de un productor por el producto ("traeme maicena"), el nombre del autor por su obra ("este es un Goya"), el objeto utilizado por el usuario ("el segundo violin es muy bueno"), entre otras (Traugott y Dasher, 2002: 57).
Chapter 5, for example, on the newly established Mobile National Guard, not only examines the composition of the force (and here House draws on the work of the historical sociologist Mark Traugott) but also considers the uniform, diet, and disciplinary record of the young Mobiles.
Nesta secao, nosso foco e a correspondencia entre as duas correntes teoricas que nos servem de base para o tratamento da gramatica aqui proposto, com enfase na gramaticalizacao--o vies funcionalista, de vertente norte-americana, na linha de Traugott (2008b), Bybee (2010), Givon (1979, 1995), entre outros, e o cognitivista, como proposto por Croft (2001), Goldberg (1995, 2006), Fillmore (1968), entre outros.
The author mainly adopts an enunciative approach (Culioli 1985, 1990, 1999a,b, Adamczewski and Delmas 1982), but varies her theoretical approaches, resorting to the concept of subjectification (Traugott 1989, 1992), or that of the remainder ("parts of language that no grammar can ever reach", Lecercle 1990).
A autora sinaliza que tal proposicao, da mesma forma que o processo unidirecional, precisa de provas consistentes, posto que nem todas as formas de mudanca pressupoem apagamento, e que o contrario, fortalecimento semantico, tambem pode ocorrer em outras instancias da lingua, como foi evidenciado por Traugott e Konig (1991), a quem Herring faz referencia.