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The Shepard and Mildred Traube Fellowship works to support aspiring Broadway directors by allowing early-career directors to assist on a Broadway production.
Their topics include description and reconstruction: an alternative categorization of philological approaches, intertextuality and the oral continuum: the multidisciplinary challenge to philology, Romance philology between anachronism and historical truth: on editing medieval vernacular texts, the philology of translation, and Ludwig Traube and philology.
Yet, as will become clear, the narratives on which we rely are both contingent on history and on the context of their specific retellings (compare with Gow 2001:312; Bovensiepen 2012; Fox 1980; Traube 1989).
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En 1864, Moritz Traube construyo la primera membrana semipermeable artificial, el empleo su tamiz molecular para el desarrollo de la primera teoria fisicoquimica del crecimiento de celulas de la planta [20-22].
Nicolas Traube, president of the national film commission, Film France, considers that France is now "more than ever at the top level of shooting and post-production locations for major international productions.
There is a popular perception that those who stayed in Timor-Leste and suffered throughout the occupation are the "true" East Timorese and legitimate members of the imagined national community; see Traube (2007, pp.
Traube as a cooperating teacher with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and her fantastic students at Columbia High School in Columbia, Illinois, for allowing this project to flourish in their art room.
Juan Villoro and Kimi Traube (translator); THE GUILTY; George Braziller (Fiction: Short Stories) 15.
This traumatizing episode is finally brought to a climax when one of the onlookers exclaims: '"Er hat eine betrachdiche Traube in seiner Hose hangen'" (109).
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