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401; emphasis added) This eponym, also named the Auenbrugger sign, refers to the presence of dullness in Traube's space due to a large pericardial effusion caused by the descent of the left lobe of the liver (Table 1) (6).
Swoboda, to provide the most pleasant entertainment, through his delightful flute playing, to the music-loving company which gather in the lower dining room of the "Zur goldenen Traube" (31) but will also repeat this highly appealing musical entertainment in the room named above on Friday evening after the theatre is concluded, before he leaves Augsburg.
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Prime was co-founded by Mario Gleijeses and Jim Traube in 1994 with a focus on high-end flexographic printing.
Scholars such as Andrew McWilliam and Angie Bexley, Michael Leach, Tanja Hohe, and Elizabeth Traube have all noted the cultural importance of flags and attest to their vital role in collective identification in Timor-Leste.
The alliance that results from marriage prestations has often been noted (Barnes 1980:95; Fox 1980:12; Hicks 2010; Lazarowitz 1980:106; Traube 1986:81-91; van Wouden 1968:9, among others).
The Shepard and Mildred Traube Fellowship works to support aspiring Broadway directors by allowing early-career directors to assist on a Broadway production.
Olaf Hohm (iD), (1) Vladislav Kupriyanov, (2,3) Dieter Lust, (2,4) and Matthias Traube (2)
Their topics include description and reconstruction: an alternative categorization of philological approaches, intertextuality and the oral continuum: the multidisciplinary challenge to philology, Romance philology between anachronism and historical truth: on editing medieval vernacular texts, the philology of translation, and Ludwig Traube and philology.
After 4 months of treatment, the liver was 1 cm below the costal margin, but the spleen was non-palpable at the left upper quadrant of the abdomen and dullness to percussion over the Traube's space was not detected.
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