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extending from side to side; situated at right angles to the long axis.


(trans-vers'), [TA] Do not confuse this word with traverse.
Crosswise; lying across the long axis of the body or of a part.
Synonym(s): transversalis [TA], transversus [TA]
[L. transversus]


/trans·ver·sus/ (trans-ver´sus) [L.] transverse.


[L.] transverse.
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Grapsidae 25-35 * ([dagger]) Milne Edwards, Grapsoidea ([double dagger]) 1837) Pachygrapsus Grapsidae 28-34 * ([dagger]) gracilis Grapsoidea (Saussure, 1858) Pachygrapsus Grapsidae >32-35 * ([dagger]) transversus Grapsoidea (Gibbes, 1850) Armases (=Sesarma) Sesarmidae 15-45 miersii (Rathbun, Grapsoidea 1897) Armases ricordi (H.
8-11) Adjuvant analgesia included the use of a preoperative transversus abdominal plane (TAP) block, injection of local anesthetic to the incision, intravenous (IV), and oral acetaminophen and gabapentin.
The authors suggest that a strengthening (lateral pulls, standing leg-press, sitting rowing and curlup) and pelvic-stabilizing program (exercises using a ball between both knees in different positions) would strengthen deep muscles (such as the transversus abdominis and lumbar multifidus) for improved lumbar control and dynamic stability [10,17] and generate a self-brace that stabilizes the pelvis through a neuromuscular mechanism.
Deep core muscles provide dynamic support to individual segments in the spine, they are transversus abdominis, multifidus, and quadratus lumborum.
External factors determining seasonal breeding in a subtropical population of the shore crab Pachygrapsus transversus (Gibbes, 1850) (Brachyura: Grapsidae).
The hernial ring was like a linear slit between psoas major and transversus abdominis muscle below 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae.