transverse ligament of the atlas

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trans·verse lig·a·ment of the at·las

thick, strong, centrally flattened band spanning the vertebral foramen of the atlas as it extends from the medial aspect of one lateral mass to the other, passing dorsal to the dens with which it articulates; it forms the dorsal portion of the opening for the dens, tightly embracing its neck. It forms a part of the "cross-bar" of the cruciform ligament of the atlas.
See also: cruciate ligament of the atlas.

transverse ligament of the atlas

a thick, strong ligament stretched across the ring of the atlas, holding the dens against the anterior arch. The transverse ligament divides the circular opening of the atlas into posterior and anterior parts. The posterior part transmits the spinal cord and its membranes; the anterior part contains the dens.


Thomas, German anatomist and surgeon, 1758-1826.
Lauth ligament - Synonym(s): transverse ligament of the atlas
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There is a pivot joint between the odontoid process of the axis and the ring formed by the anterior arch and the transverse ligament of the atlas.
Even the transverse ligament of the atlas (C1) articulates with the posterior aspect of the dens via a synovial joint.
The distinguishing feature of the axis is the odontoid process, also known as the dens or the odontoid peg, which a tooth-like process which projects superiorly from the body of the axis and is held in place by the transverse ligament of the atlas (Moore & Dalley 1999).

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