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extending from side to side; situated at right angles to the long axis.


(trans-vers'), [TA] Do not confuse this word with traverse.
Crosswise; lying across the long axis of the body or of a part.
Synonym(s): transversalis [TA], transversus [TA]
[L. transversus]

trans·ver·sa·lis fas·ci·a

the lining fascia of the anterolateral abdominal wall, between the inner surface of the abdominal musculature, specifically the transverse abdominal muscle, and the peritoneum.
Synonym(s): fascia transversalis [TA]
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It does not require complicated dissection or suturing nor does it use the weakened muscles or transversalis fascia for repair.
The mesh also needs to be folded similar to laparoscopic techniques to introduce it into the preperitoneal space through the defect in the fascia transversalis.
transversalis against insecticides showed that the sublethal concentration LC10 of imidacloprid, thiamethoxam, profenophos, chlorpyriphos, lambda cyhalothrin and cypermethrin was 17, 10, 4.8, 7.9, 13 and 29uL/L, respectively and LC30 of above mentioned insecticides was 158, 117, 56, 75, 95 and 210uL/L, respectively (Table I).
(ES, erector spinae; LD, latissimus dorsi; QL, quadratus lumborum; EO, external oblique muscle; PM, psoas major; TLF, thoracolumbar fascia; TF, transversalis fascia).
It ascends medial to the deep inguinal ring in the subperitoneal tissue and penetrates the transversalis fascia to be flanked by the rectus abdominis and its sheath (Standring, 2005).
The fascia transversalis continues with the fascia iliaca in the abdominal wall posterolaterally [2, 3].
A 5-cm wide x 10cm long, semicircular, full-thickness laparotomy incision was made using surgical steel blade number 23, through the fascia of the midline linea alba and the peritoneum sack immediately below the transversalis fascia.
peritoneum/ transversalis fascia can be dissected all the way back to
Retroperitoneal space is limited anteriorly by peritoneal covering (parietal peritoneum), posteriorly by posterior abdominal wall (transversalis fascia), superiorly by 12th rib and vertebrae, inferiorly by the base of sacrum and iliac crest, and laterally by the sites of borders of quadratus lumborum muscles.
The consensus statement reports that this injury includes posterior inguinal wall weakness (this area represents a combination of the transversalis fascia and the parietal peritoneum), external ring dilation, conjoint tendon damage and tears in the inguinal ligament.
transversalis (Fab.) under laboratory conditions at Department of Plant Protection, SAU, Tandojam Sindh, Pakistan during 2013-14, to determined most suitable natural diets (aphid) for mass rearing of C.
Apres une exposition du sac herniaire et son refoulement, la technique consiste a poser une plaque de tissu synthetique, fixee par du fil non resorbable, aux structures ligamento-aponevrotiques de la region inguinale, permettant de renforcer le fascia transversalis et de cravater sans stranguler le cordon spermatique au niveau du canal inguinal profond.