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A transgender person who lives as a woman.

trans woman

A male-to-female transgender or transsexual person who was an assigned male at birth but identifies as female.

The terms trans woman and its synonym, male-to-female transsexual, are often used for individuals who have not been physically re-assigned/transitioned, and many prefer the simple word women if the process is complete.
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A TRANSSEXUAL woman and singer Marina struggles to mourn after the sudden death of the married man she loved.
Planning for the event was so haphazard that its organizer, who self-identified as a transsexual woman, failed to get a permit but went ahead anyway, saying it didn't matter if she was the only one there.
She first rose to fame in the 1980s and her career is very much based on her public profile as a transsexual woman.
Moreover, the surgery has made the transsexual woman incapable of committing penal-vaginal rape - a major concern of those supporting the laws - impossible, Banzhaf notes, based upon his public interest work in this area at the GWU Law School.
The suicide rates from the pressure on a transsexual woman are very high and I didn't want to get caught up in it.
com/2014/05/exclusive-jennifer-lopezs-beau-casper-smart-is-having-sex-with-my-transexual-friend-sofie/) The Dirty , the "American Idol" judge's beau is cheating with transsexual woman named Sofia Vissa whom he met online.
Before I am a woman, a transsexual woman, or even a physical body, at my core, I am a soul who loves to create whatever beauty I can from whatever I have at hand.
Duncan Tucker's film Transamerica (2005) tells the story of transsexual woman Bree Osborne (Felicity Huffman) who, prior to her final gender affirmative surgeries, develops a relationship with her son Toby (Kevin Zegers) on a road trip across the United States of America.
They transformed Leto so much that I did not even recognise that it was him playing a transsexual woman.
The latest edition of The Legal Agenda, a quarterly magazine published by the non-governmental organization of the same name, reported Tuesday that, in January, Judge Naji al-Dahdah cleared a transsexual woman of having a same-sex relationship with a man, an act criminalized under Article 534 of Lebanon's penal code.
HONG KONG -- A transsexual woman won a groundbreaking court appeal in Hong Kong Monday allowing her to marry her boyfriend and forcing the government to re-write the city's marriage laws.