transpyloric plane

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trans·py·lor·ic plane

a transverse plane midway between the superior margins of the manubrium sterni and the symphysis pubis; the pylorus may be located on this plane in the supine or prone positions, but in the erect (anatomic) position it descends to a lower level.
Synonym(s): planum transpyloricum [TA]
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The two crease lines are Transpyloric line (TPL) at the xiphoid stump side and Transtubercular line (TTL) at the symphysis pubis stump side.
The Transpyloric line TPL connects the tip of 9 th costal cartilage of both sides.
The abdominal aorta begins about 4 cm above the transpyloric line and extends to 2 cm inferior and to the left of the umbilicus, or, more accurately, to a point 2 cm left of the middle line on a line that passes through the highest points of the iliac crests.