National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration



The division of the U.S. Department of Transportation that conducts research on driver behavior and traffic safety, and investigates and enforces safety standards for motor vehicles and their operation. Established in 1970, it is also responsible for developing the national standard emergency medical services training curriculum. Website:
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The Transportation Department endorsed many other rules that airlines have adopted, such as barring extremely young animals and exotic ones including snakes from the cabin.
The Transportation Department has been gathering data at pilot projects in Wyoming, Tampa, Florida, and New York City, Barbaresso said.
rulemaking, according to the Transportation Department, which has delayed regulations that Secretary Anthony Foxx once said he wanted in place before the end of 2014.
At 27, Pierre is a former Miss Haiti International, a motivational speaker, an education advocate and a civil engineer for the Arkansas State Highway & Transportation Department.
The Transportation Department and Capital Concrete are locked in a dispute about the cause of the delay, one which could have financial implications for both parties.
Details: Annie DeChance Transportation Department, at (480) 312-2526.
However, as part of the agreement with Shangqiu city, ZST Digital will be designated as the 'preferred vendor' for GPS products and services by the Shangqiu City Road Transportation Department.
Prince Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz Ibn Musaed, Governor of the Northern Province, met here today the Director General of the Province's Cement Company, Dr Obaid Al-Subaie, and the Director General of the Province's Roads and Transportation Department, Engineer Mutlaq Bin Al-Asmer Al-Sharari and Assistant Director General of the Cement Company for Financial and Administrative Affairs Engineer Hazza Al-Anzi.
The transportation department argued that discharges from the state highway stormwater collection systems are exempt from Superfund liability because the Clean Water Act allows such discharge.
Transportation Department to convene aviation advisory council.
SOLE SOURCE PROVIDER In a June 2001 notice in the Federal Register, the Transportation Department announced that two other cities would be included in the program and invited additional state and local government entities representing additional large cities to apply for grants.
The Transportation Department has announced that it has given preliminarily approval to JetBlue, Delta, Spirit and Continental Airlines to each operate one new daily flight between the US and Bogota, Colombia.

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