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In ultrasound, describes a region of a relatively unattenuating medium. A distinction should be made between a transonic region and an acoustic echo.
[trans- + sonic]
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The nonlinear effect in transonic flow occurs when either Ma or AOA changes.
The potential flow solver used in this research (FLO22)20 is designed for analysing inviscid, isentropic, transonic flow past 3D swept wing configurations.
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The aim of this paper is to use the local fractional decomposition method to solve the local fractional Tricomi equation arising in fractal transonic flow with the local fractional derivative boundary value conditions.
The aim of this paper is to use the local fractional variational iteration method to deal with the local fractional Tricomi equation which arises in fractal transonic flow. The paper is organized as follows.
The analysis becomes more complicated if dynamic interactions arise between the transonic flow field and the structural response of the wings.
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SST k-[omega] turbulence model can yield more accurate and reliable results for simulating flows with adverse pressure gradient [14], flows around complex geometry [15], transonic flows [16], and so forth.
Heller and Bliss [5] modified this empirical formula to use it in all subsonic, supersonic, and transonic flows conditions.
However, for transonic flows, this formulation needs to be modified in order to capture the shock.
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