Markov chain

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(Markoff), Andrei, Russian mathematician, 1865-1922.
Markov chain - number of steps or events in sequence.
Markov chaining - a theory used in psychiatry.
Markov process - a process such that the conditional probability distribution for the state at any future instant, given the present state, is unaffected by any additional knowledge of the past history of the system.

Markov chain, Markov model

a mathematical model that makes it possible to study complex systems by establishing a state of the system and then effecting a transition to a new state, such a transition being dependent only on the values of the current state, and not dependent on the previous history of the system up to that point.
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Note that if A is nonsingular or obtained from the transition probability matrix of an irreducible Markov chain, then each block [A.
The transition probability matrix shows that the probability that the economy will shift from either the recession state or the low-growth state straight to the ordinary growth state without passing through the fast, snap-back growth state 4 is low ([p.
Analysing the conditions that make this behaviour possible, we find that, from the point of view of thermodynamics of equilibrium, the essential condition is detailed balance and, in its turn, this condition depends, from a dynamical systems point of view, on the ergodicity intrinsic to the transition probability matrix associated with the SA algorithm.
in transition probability matrix of the tagger and assign this trigram to the window, disambiguating the output.

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