transition phase

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transition phase,

n in holistic nurs-ing, the second segment of a ceremony or rite in which a person makes an effort to identify sections of his or her life that need improvement. During this segment, the person enters an unknown territory to discover himself or herself, establish aspects that are worthy and real, and verify facets of his or her life that need healing.
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As an ally and partner to governments in the Middle East, Huawei aims to assist the region in this crucial transition phase by fostering open dialogue and knowledge sharing in order to ensure operators are equipped with the tools they need to lead their nations through Digital Transformation.
Pakistan is currently in the preparatory transition phase and this shift requires the country's health planners to develop the advanced skills need to move towards self-sufficiency.
It's seen to be an amicable transition phase as Cosiquien devotes more management time to his family's cold storage business.
Prime Minister Theresa May last month proposed a time-limited implementation or transition phase of about two years to maintain trade ties to the UK's biggest market and give businesses additional time to adjust to the new regime.
A multi-disciplinary art and cultural caravan traversing the transition phase, traveling from the ancient silk route to modern economic corridor.
6% back Labour's plan to stay in the single market and customs union during a transition phase, 52.
Abu Dhabi: Mid-life is a very active and dynamic transition phase when people are expected to be productive, perform meaningful work and develop a family perception, Dr Reena Thomas, clinical psychologist at Medeor 24x7 Hospital, Dubai, told Gulf News.
Delhi, March 2 -- The budget 2017-18 is partially growth oriented and is presented during the transition phase of an ongoing major tax reform "Introduction of GST".
Cohort program length was 9-12 months, divided into a core phase (12 weeks), a transition phase (8-12 weeks) and a maintenance phase (up to 28 weeks).
The EBRD reiterated firm will to support Tunisia in this political and economic transition phase," UTICA added.
Since the 18-month transition phase commenced in March, local exporters have been engrossed with preparations, said U Soe Tun, vice chair of the Myanmar Shrimp Association.
He said the democratic countries should support Tunisia in its transition phase.
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