transition phase

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transition phase,

n in holistic nurs-ing, the second segment of a ceremony or rite in which a person makes an effort to identify sections of his or her life that need improvement. During this segment, the person enters an unknown territory to discover himself or herself, establish aspects that are worthy and real, and verify facets of his or her life that need healing.
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The diameter compliance indicated a decrease in percentage as the model became stiffer during transition phases.
The two sides underlined the importance of the current stage to reach the desired results and goals, which requires concerted efforts for the success of the political process and to move forward in the transition phases included in the Gulf initiative and its mechanism.
Before we get to the point of 100% image exchange, we must be able to support all the transition phases in between.
Michael Carroll will be an outstanding president and CEO because of his successful track record in building organizations through transition phases to profitability.
They also enable the smooth evolution to SDH networks via transition phases with both technologies present allowing for sophisticated service and business management concepts to be established.
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