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A unified provision of services as two or more professional disciplines work simultaneously in a single integrated plan of care.
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These changes in forestry education can be seen as part of the emerging paradigm of transdisciplinarity in higher education.
The framework program should also strengthen transdisciplinarity, Ie research for and with non-scientific actors.
Ingrid has taken up such ideas and translated them into basic and applied research such as the debate on resource regimes which is still a widely discussed approach in the academic literature, combining interdisciplinary, transdisciplinarity, and integrated resource management.
Neutrosophic Transdisciplinarity (100 Collected Papers of Sciences), 2010.
Transdisciplinarity Revealed: What Librarians Need to Know.
In the same sense, he holds an expectation that students in research are attentive to how cases speak and travel in transdisciplinarity.
In this volume, and in others before, we intend to demonstrate the elasticity and durability of Africology via its transdisciplinarity, based in an ongoing (Kawaida) synthesis of the best of African thought and practice in constant exchange with the world that centers on the idea that culture is the fundamental source of a people's identity, purpose and direction.
This book provides an overview of the new research model of transdisciplinarity and explores the impact of transdisciplinarity on libraries and library services.
This call positions sustainability as a meta-level organizing principle for HEIs and positions three distinct but connected organizing action strategies at the center: engaged departments, collective impact, and transdisciplinarity.
We cannot confuse the interdisciplinary practice with other practices that involve more than one subject, as the multi-disciplinarity, the pluridisciplinarity and the transdisciplinarity.
Transdisciplinarity requires us to engage and co-depend on each other, and the Transdisciplinary Atelier responds by providing the space and time needed for evolving cross-boundary projects.
What we need, then, is not interdisciplinarity but multidisciplinarity or perhaps transdisciplinarity -but a transdisciplinarity understood not (to take a recent formulation) as "a critical evaluation of terms, concepts, and methods that transgresses disciplinary boundaries" as a means to a "higher level ofreflexivity," one that "accepts the task of making itself transparent by thematizing the conditions of its own speech.