Surgery Biosynthetic temporary skin substitute wound covering for treating severe burn, protecting the wound bed, promoting healing and ↓ side effects of allografts. See Artificcial skin.
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[143.] H Amani, WR Dougherty, S Blome-Eberwein, Use of Transcyte and dermabrasion to treat burns reduces length of stay in burns of all size and etiology, Burns, 32, 828-832, (2006).
Several artificial skin products were already available on the more advanced wound management market, such as Dermagraft, Apligraf, TheraSkin, TransCyte, Laserskin, Epicel, OrCel, and Hyalograft.
TransCyte, derived from human fibroblasts and secreting growth factors, collagen and matrix protein, is also being used very successfully to stimulate and enhance wound healing in partial-thickness burns.
During the race to save Yeargain's life, medical staff covered her body with an artificial skin called transcyte and gave her medication to stop the internal bleeding Lozano said the transcyte allowed rapid healing, adding: ``Within about a week her own skin was back.''
But staff at a specialist burns centre at the University of California managed to cover her entire body with a skin substitute, called TransCyte.
Now in clinical trials, TransCyte is a skin replacement product derived from cells harvested from the inner skin layer.
The first covers the application of Advanced Tissue Sciences' tissue engineering technology for skin wounds and includes Dermagraft for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, TransCyte for the temporary covering of second and third-degree burns, and future developments for venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, burns and other non-aesthetic wound care treatments.
ATS also makes and markets TransCyte, which is a temporary skin for partial thickness burns, to help new cells grow.
The use of temporary skin substitutes such as Biobrane, TransCyte, Integra and Terudermis have become more widely used in the treatment of mild to deep dermal burn injury.
A dozen A4 sized pieces of Transcyte - laboratory grown, wafer-thin skin replacement - were rushed to St Mary's along with 150 tubes of burns treatment Flamezine.
The company, through its Dermagraft Joint Venture with Smith & Nephew plc, currently has two products on the market, TransCyte, a temporary covering for full (third-degree) and partial-thickness (second-degree) burns, and Dermagraft, a living dermal replacement for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (currently available in Canada and the United Kingdom).
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