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A transgender person who lives as a woman.
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trans woman

A male-to-female transgender or transsexual person who was an assigned male at birth but identifies as female.

The terms trans woman and its synonym, male-to-female transsexual, are often used for individuals who have not been physically re-assigned/transitioned, and many prefer the simple word women if the process is complete.
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14, the discrimination trans women experience when they use public restrooms.
According to the revisionist narrative, it was not gay people who sparked the rebellion, but "trans women of color." Writing to commemorate the rebellion in The New York Times, the director of policy and programs at the Transgender Law Center describes Stonewall as the place "where trans women of color led the resistance that started the national L.G.B.T.Q.-rights movement." In a symposium for Harper's magazine, a transgender author named T Cooper declares, "If it were not for us, Stonewall might not have happened." The National Center for Transgender Equality contends that, "Although the exact identity of the person who started the riots is lost to history, we know that trans women, especially trans women of color, played a central role in the resistance."
For example, a large study demonstrated that trans women have increased risks for venous thromboembolism (VTE), highlighting the importance of monitoring for cardiovascular diseases.
The Trans Women Athlete Dispute With Martina Navratilova BBC One Last year, Martina Navratilova tweeted it was simply unfair to have a penis and compete as a woman in sporting events.
THE TRANS WOMEN ATHLETE DISPUTE WITH MARTINA NAVRATILOVA BBC1, 9PM SPORTING legend Martina Navratilova hit the headlines recently - but it was nothing to do with tennis.
Martina Navratilova and transgender golf coach Alison Perkins THE TRANS WOMEN ATHLETE DISPUTE WITH MARTINA NAVRATILOVA BBC1, 9pm SPORTING legend Martina Navratilova hit the headlines recently - but it was nothing to do with tennis.
The Supervet: Noel Fitzpatrick, Channel 4 THE TRANS WOMEN ATHLETE DISPUTE WITH MARTINA NAVRATILOVA (BBC1, 9pm) Earlier this year, Martina Navratilova called for an open debate about transgender women athletes competing in women's sports.
However, while we wait for the proverbial Two Pints The Trans Women Athlete Dispute with Martina Navratilova (BBC1, 9pm-10pm) The former Grand Slamwinning tennis star looks into the issue of transgender women athletes competing alongside females, meeting trans women, scientists and sporting officials in an effort to open up the debate and answer some of her own questions.
Tennis star Martina Navratilova has been criticised for her opinions on Trans women competing against other women in sport.
Since 2010, the Equality Act has made clear that the starting point for single-sex services is that they should include trans women in female-only services, and trans men in male-only services, and that's what pretty well what all single-sex services in Scotland have done for years.
Pose BBC2, Thurs, 9pm In the 1980s, an underground movement swept New York which saw trans women competing for trophies by posing and walking, catwalk style, while pretending to be a member of a particular group or tribe.
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