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A recreational device consisting of a horizontally-placed heavy-duty cloth bound to a rigid frame by rubberised ‘shock’—bungee—cords
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Mike Vining, who is heading up the project for The Wigley Group, said: "We have now submitted a building control application which forms part of the preparation for construction and as soon as planning permission has been secured, we will be in a position to move forward as soon as possible with the new trampoline park."
He said: "Ironically Lucy is away at the moment on a trampoline holiday with her club - the Cardiff Fliers - in Portugal, so it's nice to see the trampoline was still getting some use.
The recall includes Super Jumpers' 14-foot trampolines and 14-foot and 16-foot combo trampolines with enclosures that are sold without reinforcement clamps.
The difference with trampolining is that they are bouncing on a trampoline. Scoring is based on the difficulty of the routine and the total seconds in the air.
All three boys have only recently started trampolining at Hillside's free after-school club, which is led by nursery class teacher and Kirklees Rebound Trampoline Coach, Rebekah Taylor.
Six World Cups in Trampoline, qualifying for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, will be held in 2019 and 2020, with two of these championships being held in Baku.
Services offered include trampolining, trampoline dodgeball, trampoline basketball, wall climbing, and foam pit race among others.
Points allocated from each league qualifying event were combined and Ben has now qualified for the finals in Sheffield in November with current UK ranking of eighth in trampoline and joint second in double-mini trampoline.
Mashael Attieh, managing partner of Bounce Saudi Arabia, said: "Our first trampoline park in Saudi opened last year in Jeddah and the response has been electrifying.
The 3,000-sq-m venue on Riyadh's East-West Road will be packed with over 80 interconnected trampolines, a dodgeball arena, slam dunk, huge inflatable air bag and the famous X-Park, reported Saudi Gazette.
Trampoline was first used in early 1930s by an acrobat in his home for turning somersaults and sportive activities.